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About Us

Forging Success from Earth's Depths

Taking into account the realities of the Democratic Republic of Congo in particular, and the world in general, a country with strong mining potential; after a long reflection and individual work, the entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers and business experts saw fit to constitute a Société des Mines et Carrières Sarl, designated under the acronym “MICA Sarl”, carrying out its activities throughout the extent of the Democratic Republic of Congo and beyond its borders..

Pionnier de solutions industrielles durables pour un avenir meilleur..

Moonstone mine

Shaping Earth, Crafting Futures, The Essence of Our Mining Identity

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  • We provide the technology necessary to overcome and resolve the various problems faced by the mining sector and pollution in urban areas by developing environmental and social management plans (ESMPs) linked to all types of projects;
  • Rehabilitation studies of areas affected by human activities;
  • Environmental and social impact assessment study linked to all projects.
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Mica-Sarl is a testament to our exceptional expertise and commitment to ethical mining practices. Our team seamlessly blends technological innovation with environmental responsibility, creating a mining experience that not only delivers results but also contributes positively to the communities we operate in
We engaged with Mica-sarl for a greenfield exploration project. Their transparent communication and adherence to safety standards made them reliable partners in our quest for discovering untapped mineral deposits.